I Tell Stories.

For Everyone - I love to create intriguing characters with captivating lives full of mystery, murders, or mayhem. Since my youth, I've been telling stories on the radio, in notebooks, and in either short or feature length films. When I'm not on a keyboard, or pen & paper, I'm behind a camera or microphone, working on the next video or documentary/feature film.

For Clients - I enjoy the process of making and nurturing a new client. Taking their vision, crafting the perfect copy, then gathering a crew to shoot a video, whether a commercial, a YouTube or Training video, it's all rewarding. Since my passion is architecture, I'm often found shooting modern architecture. I also enjoy experimenting with aerial videography.

For Friends - There's nothing better in the world than to work alongside a good friend and help their dreams come to life.  

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WhO is your inspiration?

The creators who've influenced me include: Lee Childs for thrilling pace; Pat Conroy for elegant language; James Patterson for rapid dialogue; Elmore Leonard for effective minimalism; Vince Flynn for detail development; Thomas Harris for freak appeal. I recently discovered Robert Crais. Elsewhere, I enjoy Tim Ferriss for motivation; Gary Vaynerchuck for marketing, and Wayne Dyer for inspiration.

what do you listen to while writing?

I like having a personal soundtrack playing while I write, matching tempo & flavor with my storyline & pacing. Favorites include: John Powell, creating pretty much every Jason Bourne Soundtrack; any music by Hans Zimmer: favorites include Inception & Inferno soundtracks; Alexandre Desplat's soundtrack to Zero Dark Thirty got me through both: Behind The 8 Ball & Knuckle DownBarber's Adagio for Strings by The London Philharmonic Orchestra was the soundtrack to my earlier (and very different) novels Discovering Grace & Stealing Hope. I also enjoy Bruno Mars, Deadmau5U2 and always enjoy Boston, Eagles, Tom Petty, and The Doobie Brothers. Here's a favorite list on Spotify:

There's a good chance we'll be listening to this simultaneously, as I'm a Spotifyaholic ;-)


If you want to Master Your Craft, I suggest ingesting plenty of daily: Research, Daydreams & Writing. You can choose how much, and in what order to accomplish these, but do them often and daily. Research builds the foundation of your story. Daydreams facilitate the structure of your story. Writing creates the volume of your story. 

Research. Write. Relax. Repeat.


The easiest & favorite part is dialogue. Nothing happens faster for me than conversation. I just hope it's getting better with every book. The hardest part of writing is knowing when to stop the research. While I don't bog down my work with tons of backstory, I do enjoy building a complete world for my characters. I feel a rich past creates an intriguing present and an unforgettable future.


On an average day, I hit around 1500. On good days, it's closer to 2,500.  On "rock star" days, I can hit close to 4,000. But during a rare Super-Creative, Uber-Caffeinated, Finger-Crushing days, I can hit 6,000. My personal best was 8,000 in one day, but that was during a NaNoWriMo competition where I was seriously behind and had to make up time!