Seduction At Daybreak rolls on...

I love a good challenge. That's why I've begun my next book SEDUCTION AT DAYBREAK, starring Detective Patricia Norelli, a bold, beautiful and ballsy cop with a passion for bad boys, a weakness for good wine, and a nose for violent murder.

Thanks to @javamancoffee for the caffeinated assistance while crafting @seductionatdaybreak while listening to @hansfzimmer and #interstellarsoundtrack.  (click to enlarge; the photo, not the soundtrack ;-)

For those who've followed my #nanowrimo progress, it's true; I dropped out of nanowrimo. But it was for two perfectly good reasons: I've already proved to myself I could write 50,000 words in only 30 days. Look at LUCKY STRIKES and BEHIND THE 8 BALL. And I wanted to take my time to get it right. After writing the third book in the Carter Matheson series, KNUCKLE DOWN, I knew it was time to branch out into something that would stretch me.

So, while waiting to hear back from an interested agent I met at a recent Writer's Digest Novel Writing Convention here in LA, I decided to follow the advise of her (and several other agents in attendance) and begin my next novel.

Stepping from my comfort zone, I began by taking on three new challenges:

  1. Female Protagonist. Telling a story from a woman's perspective. That's a first,
  2. Mystery Genre. Crafting a story where the reader doesn't know the bad guy. Another first,
  3. Research First/Words Second. Building Plot & Structure before volume of words.

As for my "voice" (personal signature), I believe I'm still refining it. You can be the judge, after reading my latest work. When will it be ready for consumption? Not exactly sure, but I'm aiming for early 2017; no need to rush the art. #substancetakestime

In the meantime, want to enjoy some of what I listen to while I work, listen to Spotify below.