One year ago this week, my novel BEHIND THE 8 BALL debuted and I offered it on Facebook for all Kindle readers.  This afternoon, as Facebook pinged to remind me of this event, I recalled the enthusiasm with which I shared my novel. I was, and still am, so very proud of this book. Not only is it a major accomplishment, as many of you writers know, but it's one of the books I feel represents a sizable shift in my writing skills; I hope so, anyway.

As a THANK YOU to my readers who have already devoured it, send me an email below and I'll give you the same Kindle pricing for the follow-up Carter Matheson novel, KNUCKLE DOWN, which according to @thetammyscott (one tough critic), feels is good if not better. You be the judge.

Watch the book trailer below, then take advantage of this special, as I do my part as a Good Santa and make this Special Holiday Offer between now & Christmas for all KINDLE readers.

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Carter and his best pal Mack return from their last mission with barely enough time to unpack, when Washington calls them to carry out another job.

Lt. Colonel “Bulldog” Matheson and longtime bodyguard Mr. Black have been kidnapped, and it's Carter & Mack's mission to bring them home.

The action heats up in Havana, Cuba, where the legendary Dr. Leonard Caprese has traveled into dangerous territory and infiltrated The Underground with a drug & arms dealer known as “The Scorpion.”

The clock is ticking. Suspense is building. And lives are on the line as money, drugs and power form the divide between good and evil. Dangerous men with dark intentions threaten both the lives of Carter, his crew, and our national security.

If you missed LUCKY STRIKES, do not miss the follow-up thriller, BEHIND THE 8 BALL.