Hello, 2017. We've been expecting you.

Last year was full of it. Full of surprises. Full of the s#!t. Full of happiness. Full of sadness. There were deaths; too many of them. There were births; lots of them. There were big upticks, and even bigger downticks. There were times we thought we couldn't take another (--fill in the blank--). But then, there were times we imagined, Is there any way we could have some MORE of this?

We lost some of the greatest and most talented people in our history. But in my own opinion, I think we are on the precipice of welcoming some of the newest, brightest, most exciting faces to come along in decades.

There are going to be some extraordinary new talents revealed to us in the coming days, where I am confident we're going to discover some of the most thought-provoking, motivational, inspirational people we've ever heard about. You just watch.

There is an ocean of talent on the horizon. Some of that talent is going to Discover New Worlds, Cure Old Diseases, and Create New Goals We Didn't Think Possible. We are going to hear and feel and experience so much more!

Will one of the new discoveries be YOU?

I know one of those people will be me. You are going to see, read and enjoy some hidden talents even I don't even know I had. I say that because sometimes, albeit not every day, I uncover a hidden gem inside me I didn't know was there.

That gem has been: (1) A magnificently formed sentence I've never written before; perhaps where I turned a phrase just so, it even surprised me, (2) A new depth of love, like I've experienced with Tammy; something I never dreamed possible, (3) A level of patience with someone, or a situation. And while I've been able to craft some incredible dreams in the past few years (a film, several books, a new life in a new city or two), it's nothing like I'm going to create starting in 2017.

Are You Dreaming Big Enough?

Isn't part of the reason we set goals, create resolutions, initiate daydreams, and seek to be better, smarter, healthier, etc., because we want more, want to improve, want to stretch?

While I'm not super big on resolutions, I will set myself this ONE resolution for 2017. But I'm only going to set it for 30 days. That way, I can carve away at it for 30 days at a time. It releases some of the pressure, gives me something attainable, and provides a bite-sized portion to master.

My one resolution: Enjoy The Now.

Easy right? Not really. Because it takes being Present. Not hoping, wishing, wanting, but just Being. Leaning into the immediate. And to...

Live in the Question.

This is something I've learned from being with Tammy. And it's profound. You know why? In ways, it removes some of the stress, pain and agony of "what will be." Then, you can just "wait and see."

When you allow yourself to Be Okay In The I'm Not So Sure About This, many great things happen. You learn that most of what you think you control, you don't. You observe that most of what you hoped would happen, turns out to be better that it didn't.

Sound to "woo-woo" for you? Well, get over it. Just try it. Heck, do it for just 30 days.

DO THIS: Try, when something comes up and you want to force it, squeeze it, maneuver it, manufacture it, control it; instead, just lean into that space of Hmm...I wonder what'll happen.

You can call it: Whatever, WTF, Who gives a shit, or Che Sara Sara (whatever will be will be).

Anyhow, why don't you and I give this a shot. We can even hold one another accountable. Or not. I'm going to try it. And I'll keep you updated right here in this blog.

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So, this year, cut yourself slack. Be kind to yourself. See What Happens. Live In The Question.

Enjoy The Now.

Happy New Year!