Author Don Winslow

DON WINSLOW is a remarkably talented New York Times bestselling author of 13 crime and mystery novels, as well as short stories and film screenplays. His debut, A COOL BREEZE, was the first in his popular Neal Carey series, and was nominated for an Edgar Award. However, it was his "grittier" books, THE CARTEL and THE POWER OF THE DOG that pushed him to the front of the room.

And it's THE FORCE that was released this past week and purchased as a gift for me by my wife-equivalent, Tammy, that has kept me up reading well into the night for several nights. Why? Because it grabbed me by the balls and hasn't let go. 

THE FORCE is a raw, ferocious and a page-turning beast. - DT

I won't finish it by tonight, when I get my 2nd copy at Warwick's Bookstore in La Jolla. That's where Don will be speaking and signing books. But that's fine; I need to slow down and enjoy it!

Stephen King's right: "Think The Godfather, only with cops..."

Before becoming a full-time writer, Don worked as a Private Detective in New York and California. He makes his home now, in Julian, CA, just outside San Diego.

Here, Don talks about his process, the research for his books, what it was like to grow up in a family of storytellers, and how he does what he does (thanks, amazon).

Okay, I've gushed long enough. I can't help it. It's just that I so thoroughly enjoy great writing...from great writers. Don Winslow is one of those authors whose style is truly one-of-a-kind.

Side note: if you enjoyed the Oliver Stone movie SAVAGES as much as I did, you have Don to thank for that. He adapted the screenplay from his novel of the same name, and has create a prolific body of work with his screenwriter/producer pal, Shane Salerno (someone else I MUST meet someday).


THE FORCE will be adapted to screenplay by David Mamet and directed by James Mangold. Can you say #holyshit? Look for it sometime next year!

In closing, if you like raw, gritty thrillers with more violence and mayhem than you can shake a nightstick at, while having you still care about a morally challenged main character whose love of The Force and his pals, then read THE FORCE.

Until next time, I'll be writing feverishly, in hopes of getting MY first New York Times Bestseller nod.