I Love Good Architecture, Good Architects, and Good Design. Yep, that just about says it all. And you know what? One of the most wonderful things about GOOD DESIGN is that you KNOW it when you see it. You FEEL it when you see it. And it never FADES.

While working with DWELL Magazine last year, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the hippest, sharpest and funnest (i know it's not an actual word) architects, in San Diego. They include:

Lindsay + Rory Brown, The Brown Studio, Inc.

Lindsay + Rory Brown of The Brown Studio Inc. This husband/wife team are not only uber-talented, but also very gracious. Their everyday generosity exudes in everything they do. Yes, they've become business partners of ours, but they've also become (more importantly) dear friends of ours. Their vision is light-years ahead. Their passion is palpable. Their goals are lofty. Their success is growing. Their insights are legendary. Their stories are engaging. Their children are beautiful. And their friendship is priceless. Check out the video below featuring their hometown of San Diego.

Produced for DWELL Magazine, this promotional video features four San Diego firms: The Brown Studio Inc, Nahkshab Development & Design, Architects Magnus & Steven Lombardi Architect.

Soheil Nahkshab of Nakhshab Development & Design: NDD was another artist we befriended while putting together the DWELL Home Tours, under the direction of Tammy Scott.

Soheil is truly one of those renaissance men you read about. He's an architect, designer, builder, musician, father, husband and all around good guy. His vision is ahead of the curve. His work ethic is unmatched. I personally believe he'll become "One of the Masters of the Next Generation."

The Lahaye Residence, designed by

Hector Magnus, Architects Magnus

Hector Magnus, Architects Magnus

Architects Magnus. When you first meet Hector Magnus, you instantly feel as though you've known him for years. His warmth and charm are what first engages you. Then, after seeing his structures, his keen eye for detail, not to mention his whimsical touches in every project, it's easy to become a huge fan. It has turned out to be a "bonus" that we've developed a friendship with he and Pamela.

Both California licensed architects, their practice specializes in livable modern architecture. They believe that regional architecture is defined by place, while clearly aligning with their client’s lifestyle.

Though San Diego is their home base, the firm’s projects and consulting work range throughout the state. Their target market is comprised of individuals who value functional, tactile and sustainable design, and their group includes state-registered architects, designers, consulting engineers, builders, and craftsmen, with access to exclusive materials and furnishings.

Design by Hector Magnus,

The final architect is Steven Lombardi. We love this guy for his dry wit, avant garde approach to design, and genuine Southern California approach to about everything (yes, he's an avid surfer).

Steven has advanced the art of architecture and design in poetic ways across a broad spectrum of disciplines, scales and geographic locations. His explorations include urban landscape, sculpture, theater and energy as "fixture." His multi-disciplinary practice reflects his sustainable approach to design with a fundamental focus on light and its impact emotionally, functionally and sculpturally. 

SUNSET CLIFFS, San Diego, CA - Steven Lombari Architects