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For those reading this blog who may not know what this post is in reference to, please allow me to back up a second.

I've been telling and writing stories for a better part of my life. However, it wasn't until sometime around the early '90's that I thought (read: felt) I may actually have what it takes to write.

To make a long story much shorter, it wasn't until several years later, while home for Christmas, that my sisters and mother told me that I "had the gift" and that I should "keep writing."

It was then, like many other writers before (and since), that I "gave myself permission to write."

Note To Self: I believe this is crucial to becoming a writer. It's the first step, and it's important to:


Yes, sometimes it takes only that. But it's a very important step.

Anyhow, so sometime around 2009, I had this idea for a book and thought I can either write my first novel then try to find a publisher and/or agent, or I can try this thing called Self-Publishing. That's what I did, and "Discovering Grace" was born.

While it enjoyed a very modest success, both in online Amazon sales and what I call Out-Of-My-Trunk Sales, I moved on to write the sequel.

Then, I spun-off one of the main characters of both of those books, Carter Matheson, and wrote my first thriller, called LUCKY STRIKES. The books BEHIND THE 8 BALL and KNUCKLE DOWN followed behind. 

That's when I began to imagine what my book would be like as a FILM.

I had written and produced the short films REWIND, POKE THE SLEEPING BEAR and TAKE TWO (all can be viewed on this site), so I knew how the machine worked. But was I ready to create a feature?

So, I set out to (a) adapt the book to screenplay, (b) find a DP who would share my vision, (c) raise the money to make the film, and once that was raised, (d) cast it, (e) find the locations, (f) shoot it, and after all that, (g) edit it, (h) get it scored and sound designed, then (i) SELL it.

And, as you can imagine, that took much longer than expected. But we did it. The well-known company, WORD ENTERTAINMENT (Word Films) bought it, and took it to market. Shortly thereafter, they sold some of the rights to CURB FILMS (Curb Entertainment) and together they continue to get into the marketplace. It premiered on Hallmark's FEELN earlier this year.

So, what began as a germ of an idea, went from idea, to paper, to book, to screenplay, to film. And man, is that a fantastic feeling of accomplishment!

Here we are, EIGHT YEARS LATER ... (WHAT?) ... and it's finding people with a message about redemption and the power of forgiveness.

I don't know about you, but I think (read: KNOW) we ALL need a little forgiveness.

Want to watch the TRAILER and the FIRST 10 minutes of the film? CLICK HERE

As I said at the beginning, I'm about as proud of this film as anything I've ever done. And to those who've asked, "Will there be a sequel?" I answer, ONLY if there is interest, particularly from (a) investors and (b) distributors, because if you don't have those, then it's a much tougher road.

THANK YOU to so many people who helped put this film together. In fact, want to see just a small smattering of people who helped make Chasing Grace a reality? GO HERE + CLICK CREW



One year ago this week, my novel BEHIND THE 8 BALL debuted and I offered it on Facebook for all Kindle readers.  This afternoon, as Facebook pinged to remind me of this event, I recalled the enthusiasm with which I shared my novel. I was, and still am, so very proud of this book. Not only is it a major accomplishment, as many of you writers know, but it's one of the books I feel represents a sizable shift in my writing skills; I hope so, anyway.

As a THANK YOU to my readers who have already devoured it, send me an email below and I'll give you the same Kindle pricing for the follow-up Carter Matheson novel, KNUCKLE DOWN, which according to @thetammyscott (one tough critic), feels is good if not better. You be the judge.

Watch the book trailer below, then take advantage of this special, as I do my part as a Good Santa and make this Special Holiday Offer between now & Christmas for all KINDLE readers.

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Carter and his best pal Mack return from their last mission with barely enough time to unpack, when Washington calls them to carry out another job.

Lt. Colonel “Bulldog” Matheson and longtime bodyguard Mr. Black have been kidnapped, and it's Carter & Mack's mission to bring them home.

The action heats up in Havana, Cuba, where the legendary Dr. Leonard Caprese has traveled into dangerous territory and infiltrated The Underground with a drug & arms dealer known as “The Scorpion.”

The clock is ticking. Suspense is building. And lives are on the line as money, drugs and power form the divide between good and evil. Dangerous men with dark intentions threaten both the lives of Carter, his crew, and our national security.

If you missed LUCKY STRIKES, do not miss the follow-up thriller, BEHIND THE 8 BALL.