Coincidences. Random or Orchestrated?


Coincidences are an oddity, no matter who you are, or from what perspective you view them. What do I mean by this? While these sorts of things happen to me nearly on a weekly basis, allow me to share just one such occurrence today.

I'm in my writing loft this beautiful Wednesday afternoon, working on my newest novel #SeductionAtDaybreak, when I come to a scene around Chapter 25 (about 38,000 words in). In the story, I reference a "random" slice of history: The Rodney King Riots.

Just for curiosity, I google the phrase and look what comes up: NPR has a featured article by Karen Grigsby Bates, entitled: 


When LA Erupted In Anger: A Look Back At The Rodney King Riots

Just one of the many horrific scenes from the LA Riots, aka The Rodney King Riots (LA, 1992)

What makes this so interesting to me are two facts:

First: I was living in LA at that time, working for The Westwood One Radio Network.  That afternoon, I was in a studio overlooking downtown LA when the riots broke out. I'll never forget it as long as I live. I was working alongside my pals, Tony Scott (rock 'n roll DJ legend), Katherine Brown (best female pipes in the biz), and Mark Maurer (the Grandaddy of Rock Radio Station ID's). We were spinning our craft for our boss, Chris Kampmeier (best boss ever). I recall looking out the window of the CNN Tower (Cahuenga & Sunset: CLICK-4-MAP), when black plumes of smoke & fire sprouted up all over the downtown area and South Central. We were all wrapped up in the insanity, but I'll never forget seeing Maurer enter the studios geared up with a 9mm on his hip and an AK-47 over his shoulder. How times have changed. It was some Crazy S#!T.

Now, for the other coincidence.

Second: In the scene I was writing, my main character (protagonist), Detective Pat Norelli is speaking with her father, the Honorable Judge Samuel Norelli. They're discussing a sensitive situation that only the two of them know about, when a reference is made to those very same Riots in 1992. It struck me as funny how out of the clear blue, I make that reference (which I had not premeditated), and here we are commemorating (certainly not celebrating), the LA Riots.

Now, for the fun of it, care to take a sneak peek into that scene? The one I'm writing, not the riots.

After The Judge’s big reveal, it didn’t take long for us to wrap things up. We discussed our timeline, the access to the tightly guarded materials in the evidence locker, and the manner in which said items would need to be relocated. The exact location was nearly impossible to crack, given the heft and severity of the case. The only saving grace, as it pertained to my delicate situation, was that while LA’s number one mob boss, Nicholas “Nicky The Crusher” Michelini, was preparing for a trip north to a new home where he’d spend the rest of his days in America’s premiere maximum security prison, the evidence was still under our roof.  That roof covered the room which was downtown in the primary headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department. It wasn’t Fort Knox, but due to the size of our city, the sheer volume of evidence we acquired on a weekly basis—not the mention the potential for breach if there were anything like the Rodney King riots again, it was going to be next to impossible to access without any number of hoops to jump through. And given I was neither part of the team who brought him down, nor any piece of the puzzle that would orchestrate his heavily guarded transfer, my mission was doubly precarious.

                                                              -from Seduction At Daybreak (Summer, 2017)

Back to the reason for today's post: Coincidences. Do you believe they're just that? Are they orchestrated by God, the Universe, the Collective Conscious, Your Higher Self, or just Plain Random? 

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous. -Albert Einstein

Okay, that's what my mind was spinning today. If you've got a particularly interesting coincidence, I'd love for you to share. And if you have a friend you think would find it interesting, please share this blog post.

Until next time,