It Is Easy.

As long as I can remember, I've been a daydreamer. As a young boy, playing in the backyard of my Lynchburg home ... As a teen, playing in the woods with my neighborhood pals ... As a young adult, playing music on the radio as an announcer ... As an adult, playing alongside actors in a film ... And now, as a maturing adult, crafting stories out of thin air, about people and places and all the mystical places in between...

I've Always Been Dreaming.

And from those dreams have come an enormous amount of success.

My first dream was to be an artist. So, I began sketching as a child, turning those sketches into paintings, until one day, I began to sell those paintings. To date, I've sold works in every city in which I've lived, to include: Va Beach, Detroit, Chicago, LA, New York, Philadelphia, and Charlotte. I suppose I best get busy if I'm to sell my work in Encinitas!

My next dream was to be a big-time radio host. So, I began practicing in the shower, while walking to school, driving my car on the way to work, until one day I walked into a radio station and demanded the worst shift on the worst day when no one was listening. I got the job. That determination let to a bigger station, then a bigger, and then a bigger market, and then an even bigger market, until one day, I landed at the very top, and a "Morning Radio Host in New York City." Note: my goal, at age 15, was to perform on at least five of the Top 10 Markets before I turned 40. I hit the top 5 ... by 38!

My next dream was to make a film. So, I began practicing by writing little "short scripts" about things that interested me. Note: My first screenplay draft was something like 210 pages. It eventually became 98.

The first story was about an elderly couple searching for the fountain of youth. It is a dark thriller where nothing was as it seemed. REWIND

The next short was about a therapist who helped his patients with their insecurities. It is a romantic comedy where the patients were animals and the doctor a bachelor. POKE THE SLEEPING BEAR

The next short was about twin brothers who were completely opposite, yet desired the same thing. It is a dark comedy about trust and murder. TAKE TWO

From there, I set my sights on a full-length feature. My first attempt, while thoroughly original from the standpoint that we wrote, cast, shot, edited, scored, and finished a feature film in just 30 days. It is a dramatic fable about a man who visits a passport office, looking for the next adventure; it results in a mysterious ending that leaves you breathless. THE LAST PASSPORT

My next dream was to write a book. So, I began reading about how to write a book, how to self-publish (as I was certain no one would buy my first attempt). I figured it would be smart to write about something I knew about. I chose: growing up in a super-strict, faith-based home in the conservative south where life is black and white and leaves no room for the gray.

After realizing I had a knack for writing, I tried to do a sequel, a year later. And it worked. After coming to the realization that "family stories" weren't really my cup of tea, I took the main character, Carter Matheson, and spun his life into a big, bold military-themed thriller where he worked as a retired Special Ops Sniper-For-Hire.

I turned that dream into three novels: LUCKY STRIKES, BEHIND THE 8 BALL, and late last year, KNUCKLE DOWN.  Note: LS and BT8B were written during the NaNoWriMo Contest (Goal: a minimum of 50,000 words in 30 days).

This quickly became, and continues to be my life passion. I love creating people and places with unique names and faces, while creating mysteries and thrillers, full of heroes and killers.


My next dream was to imagine: What if I take my two favorite passions of films & books and make a film from one of my books. The book Discovering Grace, a family thriller about redemption and the power of forgiveness became the film Chasing Grace.

Was it a success? You bet. We sold the film in late 2016 to Word Entertainment, and today you can see it on Pureflix, Hallmark's Feeln, and on DVD in family bookstores, and on Amazon.com.

While I don't mean to brag, I DO mean to say this: If you can dream it, you can have it. We're all given the same 24 hours in a day, the same 7 days in a week. So, stop bullshitting yourself about how my dreams are too big and unachievable.

Instead, make reachable goals, one at a time, put them into motion, be diligent about seeing that you "water the seeds of dreams" everyday, push through the obstacles of doubt, fear, lack of faith or hope, and practice the mantra: All Things Are Possible With Focus & Work.

I've never really thought any other way ... than to believe that I could have it, IF I were willing to put in the time.

To this day, my gut reminds me of this: If I'm going to spend the time dedicating myself to a craft, and every single opportunity is possible, then why not dream as big as I can, reaching as high as I can, while believing it will come to me.

Just remember: No One Will Do It For You. Only YOU Know Your Dreams.

In closing, I encourage you to take the graphic above that I made to remind myself and you:


Be brave. Reach high.


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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”      

This is one of my favorite quotes, by the brilliant entrepreneur, designer, builder, content-creator and genius Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs, Apple Founder.

Born 2/24/1955, he lived a full life until cancer took him 10/5/2011, at the young age of 56. 

Shit. 56. The same age my father died.

The same age I feared (for way too long) I would die.

I've never admitted that before; especially not publicly. And while there's no reason to (logically) believe I would die then, I (like my older sister, Kay) felt that If we can just make it to that year, we'll be good. Now, rapidly approaching that landmark, I will have passed it by 2 years.

While I don't have near the accomplishments that marked Steve's illustrious life, I have done a great deal. I've been a Radio Host, a national Voiceover talent, a lounge DJ, a TV anchor, a national correspondent, a features reporter, a QVC Host, a Sales Rep, a Marketing specialist, and a Videographer/Editor.

I am also a published author of six novels and working on my seventh. I am an award-winning filmmaker of a commercial feature, Chasing Grace, and three short films. I'm a media content developer and marketing strategist for a small group of companies, as well as a web designer & developer, which began as a hobby and developed into a small cottage business (I built this site and all the contain herein).

Since beginning a career in broadcasting (at the age of 17), I set as a goal, climbed the ladder and skyrocketed to enormous success in radio. Broadcasting Morning Shows first in my childhood hometown of Lynchburg, VA, I quickly moved to Norfolk, before "getting discovered" and moving to Detroit, then to Chicago, and then to Los Angeles, before hitting the PEAK of my radio career, working in New York, before heading "back home" to Charlotte, NC, where I finished my handsome career alongside my family.

I accomplished ALL the dreams in radio I had ever envisioned: I wanted to work in at least 5 of the Top 10 Radio Markets before I reach 40. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

As a young boy, I recall hearing an announcer on a nationally televised broadcast on Disney, and thought THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO DO. Listening to AM Radio on stations out of Chicago (WLS), I knew given I had a "radio voice" (at a super young age), along with the ability to think fast on my feet, make people laugh, enjoyed music of all flavors and loved to tell stories, Radio Was Going To Be The Profession For Me.

What's the moral of this post?


Steve Jobs was a guy who GOT IT. He marched to the beat of his own drum, chose a profession HE wanted and chased it. He threw caution to the wind, pursued, fought, created and never quit. 

It's the same with you.


Jobs was a co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc (the first stock I ever bought). He was majority shareholder in Pixar, member of The Walt Disney Company's board of directors, and Founder, Chairman and CEO of NeXT. He was a husband, father and friend to many.

Did he get all that experience by accident? No. Did he accomplish all that success randomly? No. Did he have it all fall in his lap? No. Was it all smooth sailing? No. He saw, dreamed, pursued, fought, and worked his ass off to make his dreams come true. And while there are some who speculate he "worked himself to death," he certainly finished his life his way. Now, I'm not saying he chose to die from cancer, but I can't help but intuit that he must have known his great success could come at a great cost. 

As I wrap up this Hump Day Inspiration, I leave you with something I read yesterday. It comes from the teachings of Abraham, the collective conscious, not the character from the Bible.

When you are comfortable on your path, it doesn’t matter where it leads.

There's a great deal of truth there. Be comfortable with your path. Follow your dream. Where it leads is YOUR doing. YOU are in control.

Remember, as Steve implored of us: Your time is limited. Don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't live according to other people's thinking. Don't let others' opinions drown your inner voice. Have courage to follow your heart & intuition.

I'll leave you with something I've said to Tammy since the day we met and fell in love: 

Let's run with reckless abandon toward life's diving board and spring into the unknown, trusting there will be enough water to hold and support us.