encinitas half-marathon

The Power of Tenacity




This weekend, Tammy & I ran the Encinitas Half Marathon; it was an awesome, well-orchestrated event and we were thrilled to be a part of it. And even though we missed our goal of by a margin of only 1 minutes & 37 seconds, we were happy to have finished in good health and unharmed. Truth be told, Tammy may have easily come in a good 2-3 minutes sooner, had she not lagged behind cheering my ass up those last two hills.

While we started our training at the same time nearly 9 weeks ago, two things kept me from training these last six weeks, and keeping me from performing better: a severe case of vertigo and a torn calf muscle. The vertigo made me feel like a walking, talking Mr. Bobble Head. And the torn calf muscled wasn't so bad, as long as I wasn't walking up or down stairs or hills. Luckily, I healed up in time to run.

Tammy has run a number of Marathons in her day. I have run two half-marathons; the last one, was 7 years ago. But when we moved here, we wanted to (a) do something that introduced us to the community, and (b) got us to put a goal out in front of us. Mission accomplished. The Good News? Our tenacity paid off.

It's an odd thing when you're running that distance: your mind can't help but focus on any pain that is happening. You can try, as I did, to distract yourself in order for your mind to wander. While running those 13.1 miles, there were a number of times a pain would kick in. Here's a list of some of the things going through my mind at various points:

  • Mile 2What? Hit the porta-potty? Hell, no, we just got started!
  • Mile 4Now is NOT a good time for that right calf to begin cramping. Quick, think about something else!
  • Mile 6What the freak? What do you mean we're only HALF WAY done?
  • Mile 7: Okay, NOT a good time for that NERVE to start pinging in my left foot. Quick, think about the movie by the same name!
  • Mile 8Alright, just over five to go and still NOT a good time to think about hitting the porta-potty. C'mon, you can wait! Reach deep, think about that web video proposal you're putting together for a client!
  • Mile 11Okay, Dad, I know you're with me; c'mon, I could really use a push! [This was the 29th anniversary of his passing]
  • Mile 12What? Still another TWO to go? C'mon, who thought it was a good idea to have a HILL near the END of the race,? 3rd & West K Street; I'll remember you! 
  • Mile 12.99What another hill? This close to the end? Shut up inner voice, you can do this. C'mon, you can HEAR the finish line...and that song by Survivor that'll never die!
  • THE FINISH LINEHOLY CRAP WE MADE IT!! People give us space, let us catch our breath! WE DID IT!

Here's a man I've been reading lately; one of the early guru's of self help: Earl Nightingale

Have you ever committed to a situation, worked to meet a goal, gave it all you had, only to find yourself wanting to give up? Was it a job promotion? A sports skill? An artistic talent? A field of study? WHAT KEPT YOU FROM PUSHING TO THE END...CALLED SUCCESS?

Remember when you PUSHED THROUGH and made it to the other side and thought to yourself: Man, am I glad I never gave up! I JUST DID SO THIS PAST WEEKEND. YOU CAN DO IT NOW!


I've got a challenge for you. Think about something you've always wanted to do. Maybe you've never had the strength, courage, willpower, or downright tenacity to do. But you WANTED it.

Consider this:


I know, nobody likes to fail. But what if you COULDN'T fail? Imagine it that way. IMAGINE THAT IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL.

Now, tell me: Will you still set out to do it?

Give yourself a REACHABLE GOAL. Allow a OBTAINABLE TIME in which to reach it. Then lay out the steps . . . train/practice/learn accordingly . . . and tell me how it went.






Thank you, #encinitas and #encinitashalfmarathon for this wonderful event. Thank you, Tammy for running beside me, encouraging me, drip-feeding me Clif Shots, and loving me along this trip of ours. And THANK YOU, Dad, for that extra little push at the end. I can hear your voice now saying, "C'mon Son, you've got this!"

Cheers to all the runners!