SHOW 2: Introducing our Podcast

Today's blog is about as thoroughly random as it gets.


First: I want to begin today, as I do so many days, with an inspirational thought from Abraham. For those who may not know what I'm referring to, you can research further using words like Law of Attraction, Esther Hicks, The Secret, and much more.

If you'd prefer to just be inspired, simply read below.

By paying attention to the way you feel, and then choosing thoughts that feel the very best, you are managing your own vibration, which means you are controlling your own point of attraction — which means you are creating your own reality. It's such a wonderful thing to realize that you can create your own reality without sticking your nose in everybody else's, and that the less attention you give to everybody else's reality, the purer your vibration is going to be — and the more you are going to be pleased with what comes to you.    -Abraham

This idea has been rattling around in my head for quite some time. Then, last night, during pillow talk with Tammy, she mentioned (unbeknownst to me) that she'd been pondering the same topic.

Random? No way.

Synchronicity? Absolutely!

Now, onto the rest of today's post.

Second: is the launch of The Dave + Tammy Tour Podcast.


It's only in the incubation phase, but for those friends of ours who enjoy our "randomness" perhaps you'll enjoy our first two podcasts.

Tuesday's was called "2 Kids In Love Tuesday" (a moniker we've used for months now).

Today's podcast is called "Thirsty Thursday." Why? Because we recorded it last night (over tasty vodka cocktails) in preparation for today's podcast.

Is it good? YOU be the judge.

No, it's not perfect. No, it's not all super-flashy. No, it's not fancy-polished. 

YES, it's fun! YES, we're just enjoying kickin' back & being silly.  So, for those who enjoy such, please enjoy with us!

Listen as you like; they're only about 15 minutes long and both can be found on this Podcast Link.

PS: Allow download time

PSS: To see the whole picture above, click here.

Enjoy the Randomness!