I'm Tired Of People's Bullshit

IT'S OFFICIAL: I'm tired of people's bullshit. 

The day has come for me to CALL BULLSHIT on people who:

  • Consider me their dear friend, but never reach out
  • Want to get together, but the "calendar is over-stacked"
  • Have "been planning to call" for weeks but lost my number
  • Really "loved my latest film" but can't tell me ONE thing about it
  • Have been meaning to read my book, but don't have time to read
  • Have been meaning to read my book, but don't have a kindle or e-reader
  • Have been meaning to read my book, but hardbacks are too heavy
  • Have been meaning to read my book, but paperbacks kill trees
  • Have been meaning to read my book, but prefer audiobooks
  • Want to write a review of my book they just read, but don't know how
  • Have been meaning to call and wish us well, but have been "so busy"
  • Call me "family," but after (1) my leaving a hometown of nearly 20 years, (2) Turning my back on bachelorhood for the first time in my entire life, then (3) Moving not once, or twice, but three times, and they don't write/email/call/text to see how we are managing our a new city with new life adventures and new business ventures while creating our new life...

Well, that's just BULLSHIT!

Yup, I'm sick and freakin' exhausted of people who troll Facebook with nothing but happy-go-lucky emoticon smileys and Instagram-enhanced photos of their pseudo-enlightened and marginally-upbeat, but majestically-dysfunctional and sadly-twisted reflections of a pure self-tortured angst, only to call themselves "enlightened" while breaking up a supposed long-term friendship on the same Social Media Franchise.

But maybe that's just me.

Maybe there are people who revel in false living...Fakebook postings...and other hollow representations of happy lives. 

As for me and my house, we will be true to squash any bullshit we encounter.

About now, you may be wondering: is Dave mad? Angry at someone? Perhaps pissed off at the world? Did someone piss in his cornflakes this morning? Step on his toe? Turn him down for a job? Tell him to F-off? No.

Actually, none of the above.

In fact, I am the happiest I've ever been. Truly.

I have the love of my life in Tammy, a super sweet, well-trained dog in Dexter, a (predominantly) happy and (mostly) healthy family, a super chill pad in which to live, in one of the coolest towns on the planet, in an environment and climate that's heaven sent, surrounded by some pretty hip and relatively grounded people. Plus, I have my health to boot!

All in all, I'm freakin' Ecstatic! 

It's just that I am 100% tired of people who are full of bullshit. People who say one thing but never deliver.

And you know who you are. If you're feeling a twang of guilt (read it as self-realization; the other kind), then you're probably full of bullshit.

Oh, and before you think I'm high-and-mighty, or think I'm better-than-thou, I can openly and honestly confess that in the past I was full of bullshit for many years, facing many people, serving a multitude of jobs, while dishing up big, steaming piles of oven-roasted bullshit. Yup, I was educated so much that you could say I had a BS in BS!

But no longer. Nope. Nada. Zilch

As of today:

Truth Talks. Bullshit Walks.

That's right. If you'd like us to be friends, if you'd like to reach out to me, or if you'd like me to reach out to you, and you'd enjoy continuing or building a long, healthy run of friendship, then COUNT ME IN. 

But if you're here to say one thing, but do another? See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.

Until we meet again, may love shower your path, while bullshit pours down the drain.