masseria dei vini


On today's Dave + Tammy Tour Podcast, it's a FLASHBACK FRIDAY, as we walk down memory lane recalling our time spent in Manhattan.

As you must know by now, Tammy & I love good food, splashy cocktails, exceptional design and any sort of travel.

We also enjoy supporting local businesses, and in today's show you get to visit as we revisit many of our favorite stomping grounds. Places for food like:

Jake's  Masseria  Pepolino  Laduree  Il Baretto  Cocette  Laughing Man

There are also so many great cosmopolitan adventures to enjoy like:

The Whitney - Cooper Hewitt - The Highline - Madison Square Park

If you've never been to New York City, or are thinking about visiting--like our friends Eric & Summer Gilmer (dasMOD), then you'll definitely want to catch today's show in order to find some of the places tucked away and off the beaten path, where you can...


There's something for everyone in New York, one of the greatest cities in America!

3 Videos we talk about inside today's show:

INK48, high atop Manhattan  -  LADUREE, a cozy courtyard on Madison  -  JAKE'S SALOON for the best burgers in NYC!

Special Thanks to our recording studio engineer, Dexter, for hooking up the "good microphones" for today's show; you can really hear & feel the difference!

Thanks to our sponsors who help support the show: BSN No-Xplode (it'll Jack-You-Up) and Greenlee's Cinnamon Bread aka "Crack Bread" (a San Jose Landmark). **

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Lastly, if you're in the La Jolla area, join The Dave + Tammy Tour as we hit Warwick's Bookstore for the Don Winslow book signing of his latest novel, The Force. Hope to see ya there!

Now, kick back and enjoy the show!



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