positive affirmations

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

I am a big proponent of the theory and the mindset --

That which you focus upon, you amplify.

I've always called that Quantum Physics, and I've been right, for the most part. Without getting overly technical, or conversely, too "woo-woo," I'll simply say, ENERGY FLOWS WHERE YOUR ATTENTION GOES. Pretty easy to understand, right? 

Allow me to share an example.

I have a friend who is constantly using words, in her everyday chatter, like anxious, difficult, and frustrating. Furthermore, her life is full of melodrama, is overly dramatic, and I find her in a constant state of heightened anxiety. Do you suppose there's any coincidence? I think not.

Posing a challenge to her, I suggested she try to remove not only the words that triggered the feeling she had when discussing matters, but to challenge herself whenever she began to even think about those topics which made her anxious, frustrated, or melodramatic, to STOP and replace that word and/or feeling with something completely opposite.

Guess what happened? Over a period of time (it took longer than she expected), she began to see a major shift in not only her attitude & feelings, but how life around her reacted to her new way of thinking. I'm happy to report her current life is, as she puts it, one of (near) bliss.

This brings me to a quote I read this morning which further echos my beliefs:

You often believe that you must work hard to overcome obstacles and satisfy shortages and solve the problems that are before you; but often, in that attitude or approach, you work against yourself without realizing it. Attention to obstacles makes them bigger and more stubborn; attention to shortages makes them bigger and prolongs them—and attention to a problem prevents any immediate resolution or solution.   -Abraham

Makes sense, doesn't it?

What you focus upon, over and over ... Where you put your energy, over and over ... GROWS.

Now, let's get a bit more scientific for a moment. While becoming more curious, I started researching Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics (yes, it involved more coffee), and I was off to the mind-bending races. Here are two prevalent theories about this topic:

The two major interpretations of Quantum Theory's implications for the nature of reality are the Copenhagen Interpretation and the Many-worlds Theory.

Niels Bohr proposed the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum theory, which asserts that a particle is whatever it is measured to be (for example, a wave or a particle), but that it cannot be assumed to have specific properties, or even to exist, until it is measured.

In short, Bohr was saying objective reality does not exist. This translates to a principle called superposition that claims while we do not know what the state of any object is, it is actually in all possible states simultaneously, as long as we don't look to check.

The second interpretation is the Many-worlds (or multiverse theory), which holds that as soon as a potential exists for any object to be in any state, the universe of that object transmutes into a series of parallel universes equal to the number of possible states in which that the object can exist, with each universe containing a unique single possible state of that object. Furthermore, there is a mechanism for interaction between these universes that somehow permits all states to be accessible in some way and for all possible states to be affected in some manner. 

What you focus on expands

Let's ride down the layman's road for a moment.

Have you ever noticed when you're thinking about getting a new car, that car seems to appear everywhere you go? Crazy, right? But think about it from the standpoint that you have chosen to focus upon something with such a pinpoint of thought, that it's bound to show up in your reality.

So, what if we take this fairly simple concept, and put that same focus to work for things such as: love, abundance and wellness? Do you suppose if we wanted more LOVE in our lives, or more ABUNDANCE in our lives, or more WELLNESS in our lives...then more of it will arrive when we FOCUS on having more?

To me, it makes a world of sense. And I've seen it come true time and again. Allow me to share perhaps one of the single most significant examples of this theory, in my life.

Back in 2015, there were several things happening in my life which were not making me happy. In fact, they were making me ill, or more specifically, they were causing my body to dramatically react in ways that said, STOP THIS OR YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN FOR A WORLD OF PAIN.

During this disharmonic (discordant) time, my acid reflux kicked into overdrive. I mean, no volume of antacids could help. Then something I'd never experienced happened. My scalp broke out into something horrible called "plaque psoriasis." Let me tell you, it was H-E-L-L. Imagine your scalp breaking out into...well, look it up; it's pretty f'n horrible.

I went to a dermatologist and he confirmed it. He went on to say it was likely either diet or stress. I then visited a friend who was a naturopathic doctor, and he said it was 100% stress imposed by an outside force in which my subconscious was not in alignment. We discussed what I may have in my life which caused it. We pinpointed the issue immediately, using a variety of methods. 

Guess what? The moment I ceased focusing upon what was creating all my anxiety, acid reflux and scalp agitation, IT STOPPED. (Who knew a personal relationship could cause such havoc?)

Let's end this soliloquy on an upbeat and positively focused note.

Given we have a choice, why not focus on LOVE, WELLNESS and ABUNDANCE? And don't be surprised, given our minds are so trained to think & talk about the problems of the world, that breaking bad habits will be tough. They will. But give it time. Be kind to yourself. And FOCUS UPON & FEEL GOOD ABOUT only those things you really want.


Want some fairly easy steps to begin to SHIFT YOUR FOCUS on all the goodness?

  1. If you want wellness, think about and talk about all the things which are working for you, be they physical or otherwise. Call a friend and say, “I'm so happy today. My health is great!”
  2. When you notice "bad" qualities of others, shift your thinking to focus about their "good" qualities instead. Perhaps your friend's negative attitude irks you to no end. Consider stopping any angry thoughts and instead focus on all the good stuff he/she does.
  3. If your bills are piling up, instead of saying to yourself, "There's no money for anything!" Instead, say, “I have enough for the things I need, and there's plenty more to come.”
  4. Perhaps you're not enjoying your job (maybe even hating it). Instead of stating this repeatedly, begin talking about what you love to do. Maybe a new job will arrive!

Every day, as soon as I awake and throughout the day, I focus on the GOOD things in my life: the wonderful love affair with my partner Tammy, my excellent health which gets better every day, my awesome family, my great neighborhood & new friends we're making. And the list goes on.

Have you noticed that I TELL STORIES (#itellstories) is my website byline? My challenge for you today and in the coming New Year is...