the momas and the papas


To some, Mondays are the start of a new week. To others, it's part of their weekend. To (hopefully) a few, Mondays are a dreaded thing: starting another work week, at a job they don't like. 

To many, like myself, Mondays represent a fresh start; a chance to start over. Think: a New Year's Resolution each week, but without the countdown, ball drop and confetti-littered hangover.

To most of us, I imagine Mondays represent an opportunity to make good, pay bills, serve others, create goodness, manage people, increase sales, defy odds, bring change, and well...begin again.


Do you find Monday to be a day to embrace, or fear? Do you welcome it, or despise it?

Have you ever thought that without Mondays we'd never have Monday Morning Blues, and we'd never have the hit single by The Momas & The Papas

Are Mondays MUSIC to your ears, or just noise?

Consider, without Mondays, we'd never have been able to appreciate the Jay & The Americans version of the previous hit single.

Then again, we'd never have so enjoyed The Bangles and their perfectly-coiffed '80's tune.

How about kicking Monday in the ass with The Boomtown Rats?

Or, let's head down to the other end of the musical spectrum with The Carpenters.

If that's too depressing, try New Moon On Monday by on Duran Duran to perk you up.

Ever find yourself dreaming of MONDAY with The Jam? You should.

Monday Will Never Be The Same by Husker Du has a nostalgic sound; albeit one of the shorter versions you'll find, and as is the case with this tune, containing no words.

Perhaps one of my favorite Mondays comes from Wilco.

For my country fans, check out Mark Chesnutt with It Sure Is Monday.

How appropriate, given we just left Sunday. Here are the New Radicals with Crying Like A Church on Monday.  

Billy Bragg gives a folksy tribute to the day with St. Monday.

Have a taste for some unique storytelling? Check out Lee Hazlewood's If It's Monday Morning.

And while some enjoy Mike & Peggy Seeger's folksy version of Every Monday Morning Comes, I like this version from SUEDE (from Sci-Fi Lullabies).

John Prine captured the day in Long Monday; a version I challenge you to hear and not enjoy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you're having trouble jump-starting your week, listen (loudly) to NOFX's Thank God It's Monday.

How 'bout feelin' some of Jordin Sparks' Permanent Monday? She feels it.

I have one song on my list without "Monday" in the title, as sung by Supertramp: From Now On.  

Tegan & Sarah like Monday, Monday, Monday so much they hammer the point 3 times. 

The Day Will Come Between Sunday & Monday when Kiki Dee will hopefully add a ray of sunlight to the start to your week.

Hey, Parrotheads, how 'bout your boy, Jimmy Buffet with Come Monday! It makes the rainiest & gloomiest day sunny.

The Black Hollies have Gloomy Monday Morning to incite your blues...if you let it.

And who could forget Fleetwood Mac's Monday Morning (sorry, that sounded like a bad DJ intro)

As I end today's blog, I'm gonna head back up to the top of my list and leave you with a classic flashback, and perhaps one of my favorites, from THE JAM.


PS: My Monday Morning Music Blog is dedicated to my friend, Don Campbell; a lover of all music.