the power of your imagination

The Power of Your Imagination

Your Imagination Attracts All Cooperative Relationships. 

You have the power to evoke from others the relationships you desire. But you cannot get to a new-and-improved situation by giving your attention to the current situation.

The Universe, and all physical and non-physical players in it, is responding to the vibrations you are offering; and there is no distinction made between the Vibrations you offer as you observe, and the Vibrations you offer as you imagine.

If you will simply imagine your life as you want it to be, all cooperative components will be summoned. And even more importantly, all components that are summoned will cooperate. It is Law.

The experience you have with others is about what you evoke from them.     -Abraham

It has taken me far too long to fully realize and appreciate this truth: That We Are In Control Of All The Relationships We Bring Into Our Lives.

And if you don't believe that, then perhaps you're either (a) Not paying attention, (b) Not giving yourself enough credit, or (c) Not Awake.


I've spent the last several months "percolating" upon what has shifted in my life over the past year and a half; besides moving to New York, merging my life with someone else, writing another (6th) novel, then moving to Hermosa Beach, and finally to the San Diego area. 

And I've come to this conclusion: a large percentage of what happens to us is created directly by our thoughts, intentions and actions.

Perhaps 100%. 

And while you could debate me, which I would enthusiastically embrace, I believe by the end of the discussion, we would come to an agreement.

Think about it.

You want to get into shape. So, you begin eating differently. You exercise more. You do less of that which thwarts your forward progress. And before you know it, you're in better shape.

You want to have more money. So, you begin watching where every dollar goes. You save more. You spend less. And before you know it, you've got more money in your bank.

And so it goes.

The next time you find yourself wanting, wishing, hoping and longing for something, or someone to enter your life, put the POWER OF YOUR IMAGINATION to work.


First: See that thing happening.

Second: Feel that thing happening.

Third: Hold that Intention for it to happen.

Fourth: Continue that intention until such arrives.

Conclusion: If it doesn't appear, your imagination quite likely either lost its focus, you didn't want it badly (strongly) enough, or perhaps it came ... and went ... without your noticing.

Just a thought.

And a powerful one, at that.

Question: As you saw yourself forming that wish, or intention, how did it FEEL to you? Did you FEEL yourself already having it? Did it make you FEEL alive? Did you FEEL excited at the mere thought of that thing (or person) coming into your existence?

If it FELT GOOD, I would dare say you're more than 50% there. 

Want to make it 100%? Keep FEELING that thing, wish, person, goal ... Coming to life!

In our next discussion on The Power Of Your Imagination, we can discuss: Vision Boards, Prayers, Mediation, Intention, Uniting your wishes with others who share your vision, and much more.

Until then,

Imagine The Life Exactly As You Wish It To Be...

And Watch It Come True.