trust your gut

And Another Thing

Yesterday, I wrote a blog entitled FOLLOW YOUR OWN DREAM, based upon a Steve Jobs quote. Without re-inventing that wheel, and if you're interested, may I suggest your reading it?

An interesting thing happened after I wrote that entry. I was going through some old videos and ran across one I shot nearly two years ago. It was one of those not-so-rare moments when I was capturing a "significant moment" with my iPhone.

I had just gotten off the phone with a business acquaintance who was sharing insight about (coincidently) following his dreams. I, likewise, was sharing some of my thoughts on following our dreams, while sharing with him a situation concerning my film Chasing Grace. 

It wasn't long before when I had gotten word of being picked up recently by a distributor. I shared how hard it was finding a distributor, how grateful I was for having found one; however, during our discussion, and during the whole negotiation process of locking our deal, something just didn't feel right.

Watch this and I'll share more in 3 minutes.

3 minutes of motivation. Learn more: (May, 2015)


This story was about wanting to make the very best choice I possibly could by finding the best distributor. After all, my investors deserved the very best opportunity, with the strongest candidate who would provide the best (and quickest) results of returning their investment.


Do not allow a distributor to buy MULTIPLE (like 60, or 70, or 80,000 DVD units) right out of the gate, in order to "get the ball rolling" for your movie sales. 

Why? Because the chances of your small film (read: primarily first-time filmmakers) being able to sell those many units is nearly impossible.

Why? Because (many) distributors make their percentages (commissions) on the purchase of all those DVD's, up front. Oh, and this is whether it goes anywhere at all.

And if the Walmarts, or Targets, or other "faith-based Big Box Stores" don't sell them, YOU have to BUY THEM BACK! And you have to do so at a similar market value that you sold them for AND pay their storage AND handling AND any shipping fees. AND let me tell you...that adds up!

Fortunately, I WENT WITH MY GUT, got out of that deal, and negotiated a better deal with a different distributor. I'll share how that situation has turned out another time.


I've always felt that IF you're going to spend your time doing something anyway, and you're going to give it all you've got anyway, and you're going to invest blood/sweat/tears into whatever project you're going to do anyway...then Give It Your All But Go With Your Gut.

Have you ever known your gut to fail you? If so, consider listening more closely next time.

I hope this helps, in even a small way. Until we share again, cheers to going with your gut!