• first novel written in 2009 & Self-pub’d in 2010

  • developed into a screenplay in 2012

  • Raised money from friends to make a film in 2013

  • hired cast/crew & directed/starred-in by 2014

  • sold it in 2015, and the next year, it debuted on amazon prime, netflix, hallmark now & pureflix



fooling yourself is easy. forgiving yourself isn’t.

It’s a perfect afternoon in small-town America, as Pastor Jonathan and his family celebrate Grace’s ninth birthday.

But when an unimaginable accident happens, it threatens to tear the family apart, while testing their faith.

With a bit of time, but not without pain, an incredible transformation begins to take place. The Mission Grove community comes to realize that it’s true: bad things do happen to good people. But also true: time can eventually heals all wounds.

Chasing Grace is based upon real events, and full of rich characters wrapped in complex drama & poignant lessons.

It is a powerful story of how a family learns to transform the pain of loss into the power of love, and how it’s as important to forgive yourself, as to forgive others.




This was my very first novel, which I wrote one long summer in 2008. I self-published it in 2009, when I didn’t know what I was doing. Well, I must have known something, because a couple years later, I adapted it to screenplay. Discovering Grace, was the original title which I created after learning Chasing Grace was taken. A decade later, I decided to return to that title because I always liked that title.

What happened after I self-published a book when few were doing so?

I took about a year to raise money from friends & family. Next, I hired a cast & crew and ended up directing, producing & starring in this award-winning indie film. We shot the film in and around Asheville, Waynesville, and Lake Junaluska, NC, where I spent my childhood.

Then, after shopping it for nearly another year, it was bought for international distribution by WORD FILMS. Now, a decade after I began, it can be seen worldwide on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hallmark Now & Pureflix.

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