It all started when...

A friend of mine came to me, asking a favor. He was a bit of an a$$hole, so I wasn't all that stoked to help. But then, I had never directed a music video before, so I said what the heck.

The artist was a local singer who this "friend" of mine said was "on the way up." Whatever.

Only problem was: he didn't have any budget. And I mean, any budget. But he had a lot of free beer, so I agreed. 

The only caveat was he had to agree to: sequester some nice cars, a private lear, and some hot chicks.

Okay, so one out of three worked. Sorry; two.

The result was a pretty good video, considering the budget was, uh, like NOTHING.

Thanks to Steve Saxon on camera, and Robert Reddick who AD'd the pimp pieces of the puzzle.

Best part? I still use the first 10 seconds (of this 2009 tune) as a ring tone. So, there's that.

I present: Celso Porto.