It all started when...

A friend of mine came to me, asking a favor. He was a bit of an A$$HOLE, so I wasn't all that stoked to help. But then, I had never directed a music video before, so I said What the Hell!

The artist was a local singer who, according to this guy, was "on the way up." Whatever.

Only problem was: he didn't have any budget. And I mean, any budget. But he had a lot of free beer, so I agreed. 

The only caveat was he had to agree to: sequester some nice cars, a private lear, and some hot chicks.

Okay, so one out of three worked. Sorry; two.

The result was a pretty good video, considering the budget was what it was.

Thanks to Steve Saxon for his dazzling camera work, and Robert Reddick who 1st AD'd the pimp pieces of the puzzle.

Best part? I still use the first 10 seconds (of this 2009 tune) as a ring tone. So, there's that.

I present: Celso Porto.