As a published Author, I have six novels that include three thrillers from the Carter Matheson series: Knuckle Down, Behind The 8 Ball & Lucky Strikes, two family dramas: Discovering Grace & Stealing Hope, and a horror story in: Trailer Trash Vampires, which started as a Screenplay and is being developed into a Graphic Novel. My Screenplays include: Chasing Grace & The Last Passport, plus two award-winning Shorts: Rewind & Poke The Sleeping Bear. Coming Soon: My first murder mystery, Seduction At Daybreak.


As a Director for Film & TV, I wrote, directed & produced, Chasing Grace a feature I adapted from my first novel, Discovering Grace. It is currently on Hallmark's FEELN & Pureflix. I wrote and directed two short films Poke The Sleeping Bear and Take Two and wrote/produced the short, Rewind.

My greatest strengths include an ability to simultaneously focus on multiple tasks, keeping shooting schedules on time & budgets in line; working with a wide variety of actors is also a plus!


As an Actor, I've appeared in the Films: Chasing GraceThe Ultimate Gift, Remember The Daze, and Ace Wonder. TV: Investigation Discovery, Surface (NBC), Army Wives, (Lifetime), One Tree Hill (The CW), and The Confession (Hallmark). Working as a Spokesperson for Dentsply-Sirona, I host their yearly conventions and online training programs. My Voiceover clients number in the thousands and cover a wide gamut of products & services around the world. For a short sample, Click Here.



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Listen to the first 2 chapters of knuckle down below, then if you like, buy it here!


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