Former Special OPS sniper, Carter Matheson, may live in small town America, in a cabin hidden in the Great Smoky Mountains, where he likes to live under the radar. But don't mistake his quick humor & southern charm fool you—because he's a hired assassin with only one mission: To Keep America Safe!


BOOK 1 in the Carter Matheson Series


Someone inside the Pentagon, the White House, or perhaps both is trading information with the enemy. When it involves national security, terrorism, theft and greed, it's time for the "Bureau" to call on former Special Operative hit man Carter Matheson to come out of retirement and handle a job he is uniquely qualified to perform.

With the help of his best friend, Steve "Mack" McKenzie, his father, Randall "Bulldog" Matheson and an ex-flame, they head to Nicaragua to intercept a plan that has America in the crosshairs.


BOOK 2 in the Carter Matheson Series


CARTER MATHESON IS BACK. He and best pal Mack return from their last mission with barely enough time to unpack, when Washington calls on them to carry out another job. Lt. Colonel “Bulldog” Matheson and bodyguard Mr. Black have been kidnapped, and it's Carter & Mack's mission to bring them home.

The high-stakes action heats up in Havana, Cuba, where the legendary Dr. Leonard Caprese has infiltrated The Underground with a drug & arms dealer known as “The Scorpion.” The clock is ticking. Suspense is building. And lives are on the line as money, drugs and power form the divide between good and evil. Dangerous men with dark intentions threaten not only the lives of Carter and his crew, but our national security.


BOOK 3 in the Carter Matheson Series


Carter "Lucky" Matheson returns in this page-turning, high-action thriller. Hot off the dusty trail of Havana, Cuba, Carter and sidekick "Mack" MacKenzie are called to New York City to help an old friend. This time, the subject is a little girl. The enemy has no face. And at the center of the action is Carter's former flame, Clare Burton. When Mayor Lukas Burton's only daughter vanishes in broad daylight in Central Park, the city's leader will stop at nothing to bring her home safely. After Burton pays a ransom worthy of settling a small countries debt, she is returned. However, the kidnappers raise the stakes, asking for a second ransom that could bankrupt the Mayor and ruin his hopes of becoming the next President of the United States.

Lukas and Clare have been duped, because when young Abigail surfaces, she's returned with enough explosives to destroy her family's Upper Eastside neighborhood. Feeling burdened with both emotional and financial bankruptcy, the Mayor's wife takes matters into her own hands, calling on her old flame Carter to use his Special Ops prowess to hunt down a foe with power and position no one expected. Facing an impossible deadline, a little girl who is literally a ticking bomb, and chasing an invisible opponent, Carter must race the clock, find the kidnappers and disarm the bomb before all hell breaks loose.




BOOK 1 in the TTV Series


Hearing of her twin sister’s disappearance, Detective Betty Stinson takes her daughter and a leave of absence and returns to the small southern town where she grew up.

But nothing’s as it seems in Barren, North Carolina, as the town reveals a wicked and violent history. Betty’s past catches up with a vengeance, and mother & daughter are sucked into a hellish and backwoods mire of murder, incest, violence and greed, when they confront the corrupt Sheriff Dick Johnson and his gang of outlaw Vampire Bikers with a secret that’s been hidden for more than 100 years.




Short Story & Screenplay Adaptation by Dave Temple