Let’s face it—we’ve all been there. We wanted to do something…write a book, start a blog, begin developing a podcast show, build a social media tool out of nowhere…but we stop.


It’s not perfect.


I’m so freakin’ guilty of this. I say to myself…

The lights not quite right…the camera angle could be better…the sound is odd…I don’t have enough audience members yet…

And so it goes. As it should. But we get caught up in the perfect.

I say, F#CK PERFECT. How about just START!


Yeah, that’s some pretty good fortune cookie wisdom.

Look, I could go on, and I probably should, but this post ain’t perfect. And it never will be. But you know what? I’m having fun. And just maybe someone will get something from it.

How about you?


Start beginning. Perfection, or even flat out good will come in time.

And in the meantime, as always…



I returned from Thrillerfest 2019 educated, enlightened, and energized!

There were great things I learned, like STEVE BERRY’S “Six C’s of Story Structure.” Holy hell, how could I have missed these basic building blocks? It made sense. They clicked. And I told him so.

Steve, I’ve learned more in these 40 minutes than I’ve learned in the past 6 months. Thank you.

His reply said it all.

Dave, if you’re not using these simple yet mandatory elements, your story will fall flat. So, don’t be stupid; use my 6COSS.

Okay, he said the first sentence, but not the second. Steve’s a cool dude, and I doubt would be that insulting. (inside voice: Or would he?)

Let’s keep going.

There were so many highlights; too many to mention. And for fear of sounding like an uber-geek, I’ll share some photos (attached), and perhaps even a video, but I’ll leave you with this one singular bit of wisdom.


Write What You Love.

As Harlan Coben said,

Don’t write to trends. Just stop it. It doesn’t work. By the time you start writing a story that follows one trend, it will have gone away.

I agree. Look, you’re going to spend, what, six months? A year? With your story. You better like it. Hell, you better LOVE it!

There’s more where that came from, but I’ve got some reading to complete—Adrian McKinty’s THE CHAIN, and some of my own writing to do—SEDUCTION AT DAYBREAK.

Until next time…


SHOW 17: Kellen Scanlon Personal Training Coach


We visit with Kellen Scanlon, Personal Trainer & Coach at EQUINOX in Carlsbad. We met Kellen last year, shortly after our joining the club. Instantly, we were drawn to his warm & engaging personality, as well as his professional demeanor. Now, several months later, we are in better shape, smarter about fitness, and well on our way to keeping ourselves fit & healthy.

On today's podcast (although recorded Friday), we discuss: Fitness, Strength & Agility, Kellen's Philosophy on Healthy Living, marijuana (for medicinal reasons, of course), Rap Music (you're introduced to his wild talents), Cocktails like Nut Brown Ale by Alesmith, Dale's Pale Ale by Oskar Blues, and Bulleit Bourbon. We also discuss favorite movies, like WEDDING CRASHERS, starring Vince Vaughan, Owen Wilson, Christopher Walken and Rachel McAdams.

Mostly, we talk about fitness; thus, the reason we have an expert on today's podcast.

Please welcome a tremendously gifted Personal Training Coach, all-around nice guy and our friend, Kellen; by the way, that's his lovely & charming wife, Kaitlyn. We hope to feature her on a future Dave + Tammy Tour Podcast.

DRIVE is innate; MOTIVATION is temporary. You need to figure out what motivates you and learn to keep it on a regular basis.
— Kellen Scanlon, Personal Training Coach

*A special shout-out to our friends, Marissa Myer, Rebecca Rouse and the entire crew at EQUINOX in Carlsbad. JOIN IN FEBRUARY and get a Special Deal when you mention "DAVE+TAMMY"

SHOW 15: Insights from Don R. Campbell

DON R. CAMPBELL is Canada's "REIN MAN" of Real Estate; a nickname given to him by his peers of more than 20 years.

But more than that, he's a humanitarian, a philanthropist, a husband, a son, a farmer and a friend. From the moment I met him, maybe a half-dozen years ago, I had this overwhelming feeling we would be friends for life. So far, so true.

He has this magnetically engaging quality about him. Perhaps it's the fact that even as smart as he is, about a plethora of things, he doesn't show off. Perhaps it's his childlike curiosity, and his courage to not allow his lack of knowledge on any particular topic to keep him from learning more; even mastering it. Or, perhaps, it's because he's married to Connie, one of the kindest, most lively and engaging women you'll ever meet. 

Either way, you're going to enjoy this podcast. But before I share his impressive stats, let me share a few quotes he's integrated into his life. Both Tammy & I have them scribbled and stuck to our kitchen fridge where we see & internalize them on a daily basis.


  • Live a life less ordinary

  • Don't get caught in the "sea of sameness"

  • What gets measured occurs more often

  • Being mindful can actually push people away

  • Get clear on who you hang out with; when you do, things begin to grow

  • Ask yourself, How do I feel about this? do I feel lighter, happier, healthier, younger? If not, don't do it

  • Always be mindful in all that you do.

welcome Don R. Campbell to the Podcast

Here are those impressive stats I mentioned:

Don R. Campbell is a Canadian-based real estate investor, researcher, author, educator and Senior Analyst of the Real Estate Investment Network™, and Cutting Edge Research Inc. He and his experienced research team are leaders in providing Canada’s most current real estate investment education programs and economic research materials. Don made his first investment into residential real estate in BC’s Fraser Valley back in 1985, while working part time at a retail store. Since that time he has systemized real estate investing for Canadians looking for long term investments that produce positive cash flow. While teaching and sharing his research with Canadians, Don continues to add to his personal real estate portfolio, and now has extensive holdings across the country. Many successful years later, Don is showing thousands of Canadians the exact steps he takes, even today, to invest for long term results.

Don is the author of:

  1. the #1 best-selling Canadian real estate book, Real Estate Investing in Canada which has become has become the all-time best-selling real estate book in Canadian history,
  2. 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors followed and became his 2nd Canadian #1 best-seller,
  3. His 3rd book, titled 51 Success Stories of Canadian Real Estate Investors, chronicles real estate investors’ stories (good & bad) and follows with detailed analyses of their journey, and
  4. 81 Financial and Tax Tips for the Canadian Real Estate Investor, a practical, compact, and easy-to-understand guide to accounting & tax-saving strategies.
  5. And his most technical book, Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cyclewas published to help those wishing to learn how to get behind the headlines and drill down to the specific cycle of their local real estate markets.  


One of the things I admire most about DON:

Don donates 100% of his author royalties from all his books directly to Habitat for Humanity.

To date, he & REIN™ Members have raised over $1.2M to build homes for those in need of a hand.



Don shares his strategies and economic research at monthly meetings, events, and on-line with the many members of the Real Estate Investment Network™. To date, REIN's more than 3,000 members have purchased properties valued at more than $4.9B.* They range in age from 16 to 70, and many have been members for more than 10 years.

He's also got a happy & mindful INSTAGRAM account!

Thanks for joining this podcast. If YOU would like to join The Dave + Tammy Tour Podcast, or perhaps become a sponsor, please write to:, tell us why you'd like to be on the show, and we'll respond as quickly as possible!




*REIN™ doesn't sell properties, but provides education and unbiased economic research & analysis.


Tammy and I suddenly realized it had been a month since our last PODCAST, and how much has happened since we last connected with you.

So, we opened the windows to allow the approaching fall breezes to blow, poured a tasty cocktail, tossed Dexter a bone to chew on while Mom & Dad recorded a podcast, and got bizzy.

It's crazy how fast time moves when you're in the slipstream of happiness.

In the past 30 days, Tammy and I've moved again. That's the FIFTH time since our meeting nearly two years ago! To recount, I moved from Charlotte to Manhattan, where we lived a year. We then moved from NYC to LA (Hermosa Beach, to be exact). Shortly thereafter, when her consulting work started picking up, we moved to downtown San Diego. It wasn't long before we realized we had left the "hustle & bustle of a city" for a reason, and moved to Encinitas. There we had the most charming little bungalow in the hillside part of historic Encinitas. After that lease ran out, we moved about 2 miles away to Carlsbad (1 block from Encinitas city line, so we still refer to ourselves as Encinitans, if that's a real word). I'm pretty confident we'll be here for awhile.

Next, we saw her son, Jake, get married to a delightful gal named Rene. Not long after, we watched him join the Army. We are so very proud.

Then, about six weeks ago we got engaged! It's a really cool story I'll share in more detail another time. Suffice it to say, we're blissfully happy, setting up our new home, and planning a December wedding. Whew!

And just this past week, we were in Las Vegas for the Dentsply Sirona World 2017, The Ultimate Dental Meeting. I was honored to emcee the 3 day event where I got to meet Superstar Actor/Producer/Singer/Philanthropist WILL SMITH ... Motivational Speaker & Visionary Leader SIMON SINEK ... as well as "perform" with ILUMINATE ... enjoy a private concert with IMAGINE DRAGONS ... and hear speakers from all across the country share their passion for the latest in technology in the world of Dentistry.

I also made four new friends, who happened to be our featured speakers: Dr. Cliff Ruddle, Dr. Sarah Jockin, Dr. Joshua Austin and Dr. Erin Elliott. These four fantastic souls share a genuine passion for helping change people's lives for the better. The event was master-minded by my new pal, Director of CEREC Marketing, Ingo Zimmer (and his team). I promise to share some of the tasty highlights of the show next week.

Perhaps most importantly, I must say I could not have achieved the level of success I did without the enormous, endless, focused and furious assistance of my future bride, Tammy Scott. She was and is a gift to my life. I'm so grateful for you, #MrsT2B.

Needless to say, this past week was a life-changing experience! So, kick back and enjoy 40 minutes of some light-hearted fun and a couple of sweet stories on...


...for Friday, September 22nd.


If you would like to be a guest on THE DAVE + TAMMY TOUR PODCAST, please write to:


Tell us why you'd like to attend, share your passion with what you'd like to discuss, and if you're a sponsor who'd like to help support the show, we'd love to have you on, too!



SHOW 13: FLASHBACK FRIDAY, Living A Positive Life

On today's program, we talk about living a life with positivity. While at first glance it could appear to be simplistic or pollyanna, it's not. It's about choosing a "No Drama Zone" void of posers, wackos and energy vampires.

Tammy and I have found that taking a few simple steps of "guarding our space" can lead to a much more peaceful, powerful and positive place to live. Just remember: it's a choice.

We hope you'll enjoy. We also would love to hear from you. Send your thoughts/suggestions to daveandtammytour at gmail.

Thanks, now on with the show!




SHOW 12: The Power of Positive Energy

Our guest today is a return visitor, the lovely and talented KELLY REHBORG. Kelly is a Feng Shui Expert, a serial entrepreneur, a happy mother and wife, and an all-around terrific person whom we love and admire. She's also a huge CUBS fan!


Whether you're into quantum physics, religion (of any flavor), or just hungry to learn more about the world in which we live, please set aside the next 53 minutes to share a topic we can all learn about: The Power of Positive Energy.

Of Special Note: Kelly speaks about The Power Of Intention and Water, mentioning Dr. Masaru Emoto. Click here to watch a short video.


Today's blog and podcast features LINDSAY BROWN, the architect and one of two master minds behind THE BROWN STUDIO. The studio was established by husband and wife team, Lindsay & Rory Brown in 2006. Lindsay began his career in architecture at the age of 16 and has since worked continuously to define a building type and object sensitivity of distinct clarity. He graduated from The University of Oklahoma’s School of Architecture.

Lindsay + Rory Brown, THE BROWN STUDIO, INC

Lindsay + Rory Brown, THE BROWN STUDIO, INC

Please welcome the talented and quick-witted Artist, Architect, Designer, Husband, Father and Friend, LINDSAY BROWN



Listen here + Subscribe to iTunes. 



SHOW 10: FlashBack Friday, Manhattan Style

On today's Dave + Tammy Tour Podcast, it's a FLASHBACK FRIDAY, as we walk down memory lane recalling our time spent in Manhattan.

As you must know by now, Tammy & I love good food, splashy cocktails, exceptional design and any sort of travel.

We also enjoy supporting local businesses, and in today's show you get to visit as we revisit many of our favorite stomping grounds. Places for food like:

Jake's - Maseria dei Vini - Pepolino - Laduree - Il Baretto - Cocette

And great cosmopolitan adventures like:

The Whitney - Cooper Hewitt - The Highline - Madison Square Park

If you've never been to New York City, or are thinking about visiting--like our friends Eric & Summer Gilmer, then you'll definitely want to catch today's show in order to find some of the places tucked away and off the beaten path, where you can...


There's truly something for everyone in New York City, one of the greatest cities in America!

3 Videos we talk about inside today's show:

INK48 Bar, high atop Manhattan - LADUREE, a cozy courtyard on Madison Ave -   JAKE'S SALOON for the best burgers in NYC!

Special Thanks to our recording studio engineer, Dexter, for hooking up the "good microphones" for today's show; you can really hear & feel the difference!

Thanks to our sponsors who help support the show: BSN No-Xplode (it'll Jack-You-Up) and Greenlee's Cinnamon Bread aka "Crack Bread" (a San Jose Landmark). **

If YOU would like to sponsor a Dave + Tammy Tour Show, please contact us by (1) Leaving A Comment, (2) Direct Messaging Dave, or (3) Email me at davidetemple/gmail.

Now, kick back and enjoy the show!



** We received no remuneration for the endorsement of these products.


SHOW 9: Mark Maurer-VO GOD

Have you ever heard from God lately?

Well, on today's show you will. Sorta.

As one of the top VO Guys in America, Mark Maurer is a Radio & TV Station Imaging Voice for stations all across the country.

We've been pals for a very long time, and although I hadn't seen him in nearly three decades--that is until today thanks to Skype, we've kept in touch over the years.

He's funny, full of stories, and just a little bit crazy (which is why I love this guy), please welcome Mark Maurer.

For those who may not know what VO means, it stands for Voiceover and it's the sound behind most commercials and radio/tv station ids/bumpers. Here is a sample of my work.

SHOW 8: Celebrating Jake and Renee

On Today's Podcast (recorded on Saturday), we share some of the highlights of this past week.

Tammy's son got married. Please congratulate Jake & Renee Davis. Dexter, my four-legged companion of nearly 8 years, saw the beach for the first time; given it was Pebble Beach, his inauguration was perfect. We enjoyed a road-trip along Highway 1, one of America's most beautiful stretches of road. And, we experienced a delightful overnight stay at the Cyprus Inn, Doris Day's "pet-friendly, luxurious boutique hotel." Next time you're in Carmel, make it your overnight stop.

Pull up a chair, get comfortable and enjoy a short ride that's long on happy memories.

Two Extra Notes: (1) If you'd like to enjoy the VIDEO version of today's show, visit my BLOG, and (2) please forgive the audio; we're working on systems to improve the sound!

SHOW 7: Feng Shui Expert Kelly Rehborg

Today's Guest Blogger is one-half of the World Famous Dave + Tammy Tour Podcast. She is currently a Business Development Guru & Marketing Specialist, a former Dwell Magazine Exec, as well as my best friend, side-kick and "wife equivalent" ... Please welcome, Tammy Scott.


Hello everyone and thank you, David for having me as a guest host. 


It’s ever so much more satisfying to get into a blissful place and attract a blissful person and live blissfully hereafter than to be in a negative place and attract a negative partner and then try to get happy from that negative place.   -Abraham

This quote defines today’s podcast.

Prior to moving to NYC, I had a pretty happy existence. A home on SF Bay in Marin, great relationships with my son and family, solid friendships and a satisfying career, but hardly blissful. Within 30-days of first being introduced to David in NYC, I was back working in Manhattan when I was overcome by an unexplainable feeling. As if someone reached inside my head and turned on a light switch, every cell in my body told me I needed to be in NY.

It wasn’t rational nor consistent with how I operated. This indescribable, “knowing” was met with surprising and resounding support from my son and family.  With their encouragement and a job promotion to boot, I found myself living in mid-town Manhattan a mere 45-days later.

At the same time, David was experiencing his own shift in Charlotte.  Although surrounded by family and a few good friends, David’s life was, hardly blissful. Filled with dead-end relationships both personally and professionally, he struggled to find clear direction about how to move into the next phase of his life.  Enter Kelly Rehborg.

Kelly was a friend and client and just so happened to be a Feng Shui and energy expert.  You will hear today how Kelly flew into David’s life, helped him remove years of dead weight and bad energy, clearing the path to creating a peaceful, harmonious life and ultimately finding the love of his life. 

David and I also reminisce with Kelly about our serendipitous meetings, our courtship between NYC and Charlotte and the unfolding of our old fashion love story with a very modern day twist. 

I close on my favorite quote that speaks to the very core of our love for one another. Enjoy!

Even after all this time the sun never says to the Earth you owe me.  Look what happens with a love like that.  It lights up the whole sky.

Cheers, Tammy

Thank you, Tammy. Now, it's time for the KELLY REHBORG PODCAST!

(please allow file to load before playing)


BUSSY working the grey carpet and marching to the beat of his own drum, as fans adore. 

Today's show is the very best one thus far. We are pleased as punch, thrilled beyond belief, and honored to have Tammy's brother TIM BUSS, aka BUSSY, on the show today. As you know, he's the Strength & Conditioning Coach of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.

To say this show is FUN, is an understatement. And if you want to enjoy and have the FULL appreciation of The Bussy Experience, please go to my blog (6-1-17) and check out:

  • The Show,
  • The Flashbacks to the World Series,
  • The Brother/Sister Connection,
  • The Behind The Scenes Magic of Bussy, and a whole lot more.

Trust us, you won't be disappointed. Just promise us one thing: keep the small children in the other is Rated-R in places.

SHOW 5: Cinco de Mayo

Today's show was about, oh look, a Mexi-Merican holiday. We did our best to celebrate with libations. More binge-watching was one of our topics of discussion (yes, CHANCE was watched inside 24 hours). We happened to bring some architecture back around to our discussions (can you tell it's a passion). Chips & Salsa and Beer entered our chat. And SoCal is a great place to enjoy the blend of both of our cuisine influences. Kick back, pour a cold one and enjoy!

SHOW 4: Baseball, Booze & Bicycles.

On today's show we address some of our favorite spots in the country, mainly California. We talk about the coincidences of our lives together...and the magic. We chatted briefly about the tragedy of Rodney King incident, the magic of Feng Shui, as taught to me by the talented Kelly Rehborg, and we chat about MONEYBALL, one of our finest baseball movies of all time. Hint: Tammy has Six Degrees of Separation to the story. 

Some of the additional magic comes from something that occurred to Tammy one day while I was out of town; it's a sweet moment.

We mentioned people we know who we want on our show. Maybe YOU will chat with us one day.

All in all, this is one of the turning points of our show, thus far, as we (a) have added some "production value" to the show, and (b) we're finding our groove. We hope so, anyway. Enjoy!

SHOW 3: Randomness

On today's show, we discuss our favorite dance songs, then we launch into a pretty good tirade about binge-watching our favorite television shows, we discuss some of the best places to shop for cocktails and mixes, and we throw in a little politics just for fun.

As we wrap the show, we go out with one of our favorite songs from Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz: The Girl From Ipanema.