BUSSY working the grey carpet and marching to the beat of his own drum, as fans adore. 

Today's show is the very best one thus far. We are pleased as punch, thrilled beyond belief, and honored to have Tammy's brother TIM BUSS, aka BUSSY, on the show today. As you know, he's the Strength & Conditioning Coach of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.

To say this show is FUN, is an understatement. And if you want to enjoy and have the FULL appreciation of The Bussy Experience, please go to my blog (6-1-17) and check out:

  • The Show,
  • The Flashbacks to the World Series,
  • The Brother/Sister Connection,
  • The Behind The Scenes Magic of Bussy, and a whole lot more.

Trust us, you won't be disappointed. Just promise us one thing: keep the small children in the other is Rated-R in places.