Tammy and I suddenly realized it had been a month since our last PODCAST, and how much has happened since we last connected with you.

So, we opened the windows to allow the approaching fall breezes to blow, poured a tasty cocktail, tossed Dexter a bone to chew on while Mom & Dad recorded a podcast, and got bizzy.

It's crazy how fast time moves when you're in the slipstream of happiness.

In the past 30 days, Tammy and I've moved again. That's the FIFTH time since our meeting nearly two years ago! To recount, I moved from Charlotte to Manhattan, where we lived a year. We then moved from NYC to LA (Hermosa Beach, to be exact). Shortly thereafter, when her consulting work started picking up, we moved to downtown San Diego. It wasn't long before we realized we had left the "hustle & bustle of a city" for a reason, and moved to Encinitas. There we had the most charming little bungalow in the hillside part of historic Encinitas. After that lease ran out, we moved about 2 miles away to Carlsbad (1 block from Encinitas city line, so we still refer to ourselves as Encinitans, if that's a real word). I'm pretty confident we'll be here for awhile.

Next, we saw her son, Jake, get married to a delightful gal named Rene. Not long after, we watched him join the Army. We are so very proud.

Then, about six weeks ago we got engaged! It's a really cool story I'll share in more detail another time. Suffice it to say, we're blissfully happy, setting up our new home, and planning a December wedding. Whew!

And just this past week, we were in Las Vegas for the Dentsply Sirona World 2017, The Ultimate Dental Meeting. I was honored to emcee the 3 day event where I got to meet Superstar Actor/Producer/Singer/Philanthropist WILL SMITH ... Motivational Speaker & Visionary Leader SIMON SINEK ... as well as "perform" with ILUMINATE ... enjoy a private concert with IMAGINE DRAGONS ... and hear speakers from all across the country share their passion for the latest in technology in the world of Dentistry.

I also made four new friends, who happened to be our featured speakers: Dr. Cliff Ruddle, Dr. Sarah Jockin, Dr. Joshua Austin and Dr. Erin Elliott. These four fantastic souls share a genuine passion for helping change people's lives for the better. The event was master-minded by my new pal, Director of CEREC Marketing, Ingo Zimmer (and his team). I promise to share some of the tasty highlights of the show next week.

Perhaps most importantly, I must say I could not have achieved the level of success I did without the enormous, endless, focused and furious assistance of my future bride, Tammy Scott. She was and is a gift to my life. I'm so grateful for you, #MrsT2B.

Needless to say, this past week was a life-changing experience! So, kick back and enjoy 40 minutes of some light-hearted fun and a couple of sweet stories on...


...for Friday, September 22nd.


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