SHOW 15: Insights from Don R. Campbell

DON R. CAMPBELL is Canada's "REIN MAN" of Real Estate; a nickname given to him by his peers of more than 20 years.

But more than that, he's a humanitarian, a philanthropist, a husband, a son, a farmer and a friend. From the moment I met him, maybe a half-dozen years ago, I had this overwhelming feeling we would be friends for life. So far, so true.

He has this magnetically engaging quality about him. Perhaps it's the fact that even as smart as he is, about a plethora of things, he doesn't show off. Perhaps it's his childlike curiosity, and his courage to not allow his lack of knowledge on any particular topic to keep him from learning more; even mastering it. Or, perhaps, it's because he's married to Connie, one of the kindest, most lively and engaging women you'll ever meet. 

Either way, you're going to enjoy this podcast. But before I share his impressive stats, let me share a few quotes he's integrated into his life. Both Tammy & I have them scribbled and stuck to our kitchen fridge where we see & internalize them on a daily basis.


  • Live a life less ordinary

  • Don't get caught in the "sea of sameness"

  • What gets measured occurs more often

  • Being mindful can actually push people away

  • Get clear on who you hang out with; when you do, things begin to grow

  • Ask yourself, How do I feel about this? do I feel lighter, happier, healthier, younger? If not, don't do it

  • Always be mindful in all that you do.

welcome Don R. Campbell to the Podcast

Here are those impressive stats I mentioned:

Don R. Campbell is a Canadian-based real estate investor, researcher, author, educator and Senior Analyst of the Real Estate Investment Network™, and Cutting Edge Research Inc. He and his experienced research team are leaders in providing Canada’s most current real estate investment education programs and economic research materials. Don made his first investment into residential real estate in BC’s Fraser Valley back in 1985, while working part time at a retail store. Since that time he has systemized real estate investing for Canadians looking for long term investments that produce positive cash flow. While teaching and sharing his research with Canadians, Don continues to add to his personal real estate portfolio, and now has extensive holdings across the country. Many successful years later, Don is showing thousands of Canadians the exact steps he takes, even today, to invest for long term results.

Don is the author of:

  1. the #1 best-selling Canadian real estate book, Real Estate Investing in Canada which has become has become the all-time best-selling real estate book in Canadian history,
  2. 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors followed and became his 2nd Canadian #1 best-seller,
  3. His 3rd book, titled 51 Success Stories of Canadian Real Estate Investors, chronicles real estate investors’ stories (good & bad) and follows with detailed analyses of their journey, and
  4. 81 Financial and Tax Tips for the Canadian Real Estate Investor, a practical, compact, and easy-to-understand guide to accounting & tax-saving strategies.
  5. And his most technical book, Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cyclewas published to help those wishing to learn how to get behind the headlines and drill down to the specific cycle of their local real estate markets.  


One of the things I admire most about DON:

Don donates 100% of his author royalties from all his books directly to Habitat for Humanity.

To date, he & REIN™ Members have raised over $1.2M to build homes for those in need of a hand.



Don shares his strategies and economic research at monthly meetings, events, and on-line with the many members of the Real Estate Investment Network™. To date, REIN's more than 3,000 members have purchased properties valued at more than $4.9B.* They range in age from 16 to 70, and many have been members for more than 10 years.

He's also got a happy & mindful INSTAGRAM account!

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*REIN™ doesn't sell properties, but provides education and unbiased economic research & analysis.