SHOW 17: Kellen Scanlon Personal Training Coach


We visit with Kellen Scanlon, Personal Trainer & Coach at EQUINOX in Carlsbad. We met Kellen last year, shortly after our joining the club. Instantly, we were drawn to his warm & engaging personality, as well as his professional demeanor. Now, several months later, we are in better shape, smarter about fitness, and well on our way to keeping ourselves fit & healthy.

On today's podcast (although recorded Friday), we discuss: Fitness, Strength & Agility, Kellen's Philosophy on Healthy Living, marijuana (for medicinal reasons, of course), Rap Music (you're introduced to his wild talents), Cocktails like Nut Brown Ale by Alesmith, Dale's Pale Ale by Oskar Blues, and Bulleit Bourbon. We also discuss favorite movies, like WEDDING CRASHERS, starring Vince Vaughan, Owen Wilson, Christopher Walken and Rachel McAdams.

Mostly, we talk about fitness; thus, the reason we have an expert on today's podcast.

Please welcome a tremendously gifted Personal Training Coach, all-around nice guy and our friend, Kellen; by the way, that's his lovely & charming wife, Kaitlyn. We hope to feature her on a future Dave + Tammy Tour Podcast.

DRIVE is innate; MOTIVATION is temporary. You need to figure out what motivates you and learn to keep it on a regular basis.
— Kellen Scanlon, Personal Training Coach

*A special shout-out to our friends, Marissa Myer, Rebecca Rouse and the entire crew at EQUINOX in Carlsbad. JOIN IN FEBRUARY and get a Special Deal when you mention "DAVE+TAMMY"