Harlan Coben


I returned from Thrillerfest 2019 educated, enlightened, and energized!

There were great things I learned, like STEVE BERRY’S “Six C’s of Story Structure.” Holy hell, how could I have missed these basic building blocks? It made sense. They clicked. And I told him so.

Steve, I’ve learned more in these 40 minutes than I’ve learned in the past 6 months. Thank you.

His reply said it all.

Dave, if you’re not using these simple yet mandatory elements, your story will fall flat. So, don’t be stupid; use my 6COSS.

Okay, he said the first sentence, but not the second. Steve’s a cool dude, and I doubt would be that insulting. (inside voice: Or would he?)

Let’s keep going.

There were so many highlights; too many to mention. And for fear of sounding like an uber-geek, I’ll share some photos (attached), and perhaps even a video, but I’ll leave you with this one singular bit of wisdom.


Write What You Love.

As Harlan Coben said,

Don’t write to trends. Just stop it. It doesn’t work. By the time you start writing a story that follows one trend, it will have gone away.

I agree. Look, you’re going to spend, what, six months? A year? With your story. You better like it. Hell, you better LOVE it!

There’s more where that came from, but I’ve got some reading to complete—Adrian McKinty’s THE CHAIN, and some of my own writing to do—SEDUCTION AT DAYBREAK.

Until next time…