rodney king

SHOW 4: Baseball, Booze & Bicycles.

On today's show we address some of our favorite spots in the country, mainly California. We talk about the coincidences of our lives together...and the magic. We chatted briefly about the tragedy of Rodney King incident, the magic of Feng Shui, as taught to me by the talented Kelly Rehborg, and we chat about MONEYBALL, one of our finest baseball movies of all time. Hint: Tammy has Six Degrees of Separation to the story. 

Some of the additional magic comes from something that occurred to Tammy one day while I was out of town; it's a sweet moment.

We mentioned people we know who we want on our show. Maybe YOU will chat with us one day.

All in all, this is one of the turning points of our show, thus far, as we (a) have added some "production value" to the show, and (b) we're finding our groove. We hope so, anyway. Enjoy!