From psychological thriller to romantic comedy to drama, check out several Short Films I've written & directed.


A man seeks the fountain of youth, But because of poor ethics leads him to stir a diabolical pot that has grace consequences

Starring William Boyer, Kirsten Coen and Roger Durrett, Rewind won Best Short at the Asheville Film Festival.


This dark comedy is about twin brothers who are reunited after a long separation and the occasion that brings them together.

I wrote, produced, directed, shot, edited and scored the film in one week (and for a budget of $7).

poke the sleeping bear

A comedy about a bachelor Pet Therapist with commitment challenges, but whose lessons become real to their owners.

I wrote, produced, directed and funded this project that went on to win Best Short at Solstice Film Festival in Minneapolis.

CHASING GRACE is a screenplay adaptation of my first novel, Discovering Grace (2010). Click to link to website.


George Miller is a mysterious man in the twilight of his life who, through several encounters, shares a journey that shows we're all pretty much alike.


This film was written, cast, shot, edited & scored in only 30 days, with nearly 100 N.C. cast & crew members…for less than $6K.