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Author/Filmmaker meets Business Consultant/Event Planner to cover topics from good design to fashion train wrecks and tasty cocktails to torrid conversations. Expect raw & gritty and sweet & sentimental, as Dave & Tammy merge interesting people with intriguing stories.


#TwoKidsInLove who #FlyTheW

THE Dave + Tammy Tour STORY

When it was time for us to move from New York City to Los Angeles, we decided to chronicle the cross-country journey. It quickly turned into: THE DAVE + TAMMY TOUR. Now, you can sit back + enjoy the short videos of our trek. It turned out to be so much fun, getting such a positive response from our audience, we launched the Dave + Tammy Tour Podcast. Hear who we'll talk with, or see where we'll travel next? Sign up & Thanks for watching!


day 1: New York, new york

This Day 1 video has Dave & Tammy saying Goodbye to New York City, and Hello to their new life yet to come!

DAY 2/part 3: cleveland

Ever been to Cleveland? Check out The Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame and The Town Hall Restaurant for great Paleo!

day 6 - REPLACES DAY 4/5

After enjoying so many wonderful places in Chicago, we got wrapped up and missed "Official Days 4 & 5." Oops!

day 7: USA's bread basket

Listen as Dave & Tammy talk "Rowdy Billboards" as they cover hundreds of miles discussing favorite parts of the trip.

DAY 9 - the arches

Have you ever been to the desert on a horse with no name? Did it feel good to get out of the rain? #thanksAmerica

day 9 - grand canyon!

Another take of the Grand Canyon, thanks to the handiwork of our trusty cameraman. Scared of heights, anyone?


A little something extra from the Dave & Tammy Tour. Colorado was definitely one of the highlights!


Here Dave & Tammy provide no commentary (a first), while traveling down the Chicago River.

DAY 2: road trip begins

Day 2 has Dave & Tammy landing in Lewisburg, PA. It wasn’t the best quality hotel. Can you say The Suck Inn?

day 3: Chicago, chicago

Dave, Tammy & Dexter grab a quick sushi lunch just outside their hotel in Chicago, after visiting with family. Yum-Yum!

day 6: chicago memories

A bit more of the same, to include our Cubbies, Chicago food, Strava updates and "Tam's Culinary Delights"

day 8/part 1-vail + rockies

Traveling with Dave & Tammy, you can be sure the scenery will be as tasty as the food they eat.  #buonappetito

DAY 9 - Say what?!

What does it take to keep these #twokidsinlove fueled for a cross-country trek? Just ask for their secret sauce!

DAY 10 - california or bust!

Dave & Tammy Tour waxes philosophic on matters of life, love and the pursuit of a clean motel room. #thankssonesta.


During the Dave & Tammy Tour, we ran into all sorts of weather. Here's one particularly beautiful fog bank.

arches park - BONUS

While leaving the Arches Park in Utah, Tammy provides a little play-by-play (excuse the wind noise).

DAY 2/Part 2: cleveland

This update has Tammy taking over the driving while Dave runs the camera (with the help of Dexter). Hear the updates! 

day 3/part 2: cityscapes

After a quick run, Dave, Tammy & Dexter stop for an Illy coffee and admire the design of downtown Chicago. 

day 7: putting in the miles

Here, we head out from Kansas City to Denver, where they'll stop to meet with more family...and eat more. Fly The W!

day 8 - vail/BONUS round

Traveling Denver to Moab, Dave & Tammy show their "punchiness" as they record their 4th take to update their fans!

DAY 9 - the holy grail

We finish our 9th Day with a sunset shot of the majestic Grand Canyon. Can you say: #amazinglybeautiful + #wowowow


It's a wrap! The Dave & Tammy Tour arrive at our new home in Hermosa Beach, California. #twokidsinlove #finallyhome

rainbow - BONUS

This video is a "bonus" from God, who traveled the Dave & Tammy Tour to gave us some eye-candy. 


After several thousand miles, it was bound to happen. Uh, sorry you have to see this ;-)