Screenplay first. Novella second. Original forever.

After hearing about her twin sister’s disappearance, Detective Betty Stinson takes her daughter, leaves the big city of Atlanta, and returns to the small town where she grew up.

But nothing’s quite what it seems in Barren, North Carolina, as the town slowly reveals a wicked and violent history, steeped in mystery.

Betty’s past quickly catches up with a vengeance, when she and daughter Sissy are sucked into a hellish and backwoods mire of violence, incest, greed and murder.

Things get extra weird when they confront corrupt Sheriff Dick Johnson & his gang of Vampire Bikers. They soon learn about a secret that’s been hidden for over 100 years…and how it’s linked to her sister’s murder!

Chock full of blood, guts & redneck humor, It’s two parts horror, one part comedy.


This idea began as a screenplay, and was going to be the film I made IF I didn’t make Chasing Grace (prior page). I know—worlds apart, but that’s what makes being a writer so much fun. You can bend, twist and crossover genres until your head falls off. Inside scoop? I may still turn it into a film.

Thanks to Newtasty for making my gaggle of whacked-out, redneck, blood-thirsty characters come to life!

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What began as a screenplay is now a novella

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