After hearing of her twin sister’s disappearance, Detective Betty Stinson takes her daughter and a leave of absence and returns to the small southern town where she grew up. But nothing’s as it seems in Barren, North Carolina, as the town reveals a wicked and violent history. Betty’s past catches up with a vengeance and mother & daughter are sucked into a hellish and backwoods mire of murder, incest, violence and greed, as they confront the corrupt Sheriff Big Dick Johnson and his gang of outlaw Vampire Bikers about a secret that’s been hidden for more than 100 years.


Thanks to Steve Copter, aka Newtasty, for creating a memorable gaggle of whacked-out, redneck, blood-thirsty characters!

This story first began as a screenplay, but it's now a novel. And it's ON SALE NOW at Amazon in ebook & paperback - Only $2.99!