We call it Architectural Cinema because just as good design in architecture is classic, elegant and beautiful, so is filmmaking—when it comes to creating media for our clients. Using on-the-ground & in-the-air cinematography, we are able to show The Big Picture.

San Diego Architecture

This short promo video for DWELL Magazine stars: Lindsay + Rory Brown of The Brown Studio and Soheil Nakhshab of, alongside a very happy clients! Want to see one of America's greatest sunshine states and experience the modern home movement in SoCal? Then check out this video. 

The Lahaye Residence

NDD's Soheil Nakhshab did the design, and we shot a great example of modern architecture in a pristine canyon neighborhood on the edge of San Diego. This property personifies indoor and outdoor living. Want to see what true Southern California living is like? Watch this video…and get inspired!

Dolphin Place

Designed by ArchitectsMagnus this small but luxurious 3-bedroom home in La Jolla, California's tony neighborhood speaks volumes to the Magnus' talents—which are expansive, as well as their vision for what Southern California living is like. Yes, we're big fans, and you will be too, after watching this video.

Dwell Magazine hired me to write/produce & shoot/edit this promo for their Home Tours Event.

Home Tours

Erik Gilmer is an Entrepreneur and Realtor at Swell Properties in Encinitas, CA. Here, he talks about one of more recent acquisition/renovation projects in Carlsbad, CA. It’s currently for sale. Contact Erik at: 619-823-3408 (and tell him I sent you!)